Pet Behavior Consultations

We offer advice regarding the correction of problems such as excessive barking, chewing, spraying, scratching, digging, house soiling, and aggression.

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Our skilled team of veterinarians and certified pet behavior specialists will assess your pet’s general health, consider their age and lifestyle, talk about any current or prior behavioral concerns, and help develop a specific plan for resolving them during the consultation. In an attempt to better understand what might be causing the behavior, veterinarians may inquire about objects that might be upsetting your pet or activities that seem to set off adverse reactions. Following proper introductions of new pets, pet behavior specialists collaborate with pet owners to create training programs that use positive reinforcement and are suited to a particular breed or breed combination of pets.

By identifying the underlying reasons of undesirable behaviors, behavior consultations assist people and their pets form closer ties. Behavior consultations will give you a thorough evaluation so we can design an appropriate course of action to achieve desired results in pet welfare. We do this by carefully listening to the parent, taking detailed notes on observations made during the course of interaction with, and recording information about diet, potential sources of stress, sleeping habits, and socialization experiences. Consultations on behavior are essential for fostering a better understanding and more peaceful interaction between cherished dogs and their human companions.