Pet Examinations

A pet wellness exam, commonly referred to as a preventative care exam, is crucial to maintaining the health and well-being of your pet.

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To maintain your pet’s health, regular wellness exams for cats and dogs are necessary. This includes a comprehensive physical assessment, immunizations, and parasite control. Your veterinarian will address any worries you may have regarding your pet’s behavior, diet, or way of life during a wellness examination. They can offer suggestions and counsel to make sure your pet gets the finest care possible. It’s vital to remember that dogs and cats may require different forms of care and have different demands. For instance, whereas dogs are more prone to joint problems, cats are more prone to dental problems. Based on the breed and particular requirements of your pet, your veterinarian can offer detailed advice. Establishing a baseline for your pet’s health and allowing for early detection of any potential health issues require finding puppy and kitten wellness checks close by.