Pets of the Month

Please submit your story and photos to dr@2ndavenuevet.com and each month we will select a few pets of the month.

Harley image


Harley is the most laid back, relaxed long-haired Chihuahua you will ever meet! He is 7 yrs old and enjoys floating in the pool, tagging along with his owner Katie on car rides, and sleeping! Harley refuses to believe he is a dog. You will find him sitting in many human-like positions and laying down on his back to sleep under covers like a human!

Baby GayHeading

His christian name is Gaylord Faulker Grimm, but goes by Baby Gay or Gay-Gay. He was born on Memorial day 2007 in a barn in Elmwood, IL. He has 1 orange brother Jimmy Carter & 2 dog brothers Ronnie Reagan & JFK. Gay enjoys eating & sleeping, he was at 21.7 lbs, but I’ve put him on a diet. He can usually be found sunning himself under a window or staring out a glass door. He wants love & attention on his time. He likes to headbutt you when he wants a pat, & enjoys moving/pcsing as he can try to sit on your head while driving & he yowls from the back seat. He is large & in charge & rules the house. He puts his 40 lbs brothers in place with his trademark headbutt!

Baby Gay Image
Joey image


Joey thinks his tail is too sexy for this chair! Joey is our Paws Rescue baby. It’s been over a year. Amazing what love can do. He went from ordinary to extraordinary! Paul and I want to thank all of you at 2nd Ave Animal Hospital for being so kind and understanding with us and Joey(especially Claudia). Claudia has been a huge part of Joey trusting people again. She’s always so kind and patient. I’ve enclosed a few pictures for pet of the month. I think he’s pet of the year really.. but that’s a Mom talking. Warmest Regards, Laurie and Paul Hanna


Prissy has been a member of our family now for over a year.  She is a Mi-Ki, which is thought to be an Asian breed that came to the US in the 1980’s.  Her temperament is calm, affectionate, and very sweet.  When researching the characteristics I was hoping for in a companion for myself, my husband, and children I immediately knew this was the one for our family.  Prissy has been more than we ever could have hoped; everyone that she comes into contact with loves her.  My only reservation is always explaining, “What is a Mi-Ki?”

-D Smith
Prissy Image
Caboose and Larry image

Caboose and LarryHeading

This is Caboose and Larry – They are the best brothers to each other. They follow each other around, defend each other, help each other with potty training and love cuddling. Like all brothers they fight too, and it’s adorable when they run to their corners, Larry carrying Caboose’s huge bone, and Caboose carrying Larry’s little hedgehog squeaky toy. They are definitely the cutest pups around!

Jasmine and CricketHeading

Jasmine is my 11 year old black haired cat. She has a white spot on her neck. She hates going to the doc (sorry Dr Lefranc), so no one there gets to see her sweet side. I adopted her from the Humane Society on May 24, 1988. She’s never been a cuddler, but she follows me around all the time. I work at home, and most days, she sits in her “day bed” behind my desk supervising me. She is my precious baby!

Cricket is my 2 1/2-year-old grey tabby with white feet. I adopted her on April 22, 2007 from PAWS. She’s a talker. Whenever she wants something, she tells you about it. She likes to drink water out of the bathroom faucet. She’s not a cuddler either, but like her sister, she follows me around.

Jasmine and Cricket image

In this picture, they are watching the birds and squirrels from the comfort of their home….and making their plans for world domination! I’m their mom, Deneese, and I have no doubts these two could take over the world!

Fluffy Image


Fluffy was given to my husband 12 years ago. She spent most of her life as a barn cat. When Paul and I got married I moved her into my home. She wouldn’t get near a door for 3 months. I think she was loving her new life. She grew an unusual attachment to my daughters stuffed camel Humphrey. We thought it was way too funny! On another note, I have no idea why she was named “Fluffy”. She’s not fluffy at all!!!!

Daisy LooHeading

This picture is of our Jack Russell, Daisy Loo.  I had rescued a German Shepherd (Buddy) puppy from the dumpster behind my work place.  This is Daisy after she took Buddy’s toy.  Notice the guilty look on her face! lol..

Daisy Loo Image
Bowzer on top of Honey Image

Bowzer on top of HoneyHeading

This is dog Bowzer, I got him at just nine weeks old … he is the best dog I could ever ask for. He is a big hole digger, card board box chewer, and loves to lay right in the middle of my clean laundry. Bowzer is very mischievous, but very loving. If there is running water he will jump right in whether it be a bath tub, shower, toilet, anywhere he can fit! I think my favorite thing about him is that he has a awesome personality, kind of like Dennis the menace. Thank you for taking such good care of my crazy dog I hope you enjoy the pictures!


This is Grover and he was a rescue from Safe Haven Animal Shelter. He is a spunky little man, part Chinese Crested Powder Puff and White Schnauzer and he is all love. In the picture, he has accompanied me to the Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure 5k in Chattanooga, TN, where he showed his support for all cancer survivors and those that have passed and our special friend Keely. He was a trooper and ran the entire race! What a great sport! Along the race, he made many a persons day by gently nudging them or giving them kisses as we ran by! People stopped us frequently before and after the race so that he could give them some love! What a great little man!
Grover Image
Bear Image


Here is a picture of ‘Bear’. We adopted him last July from Suzanne Moore’s dog rescue in Seale, Ala. He has turned out to be a great pet. From wondering in the woods with his brother as a pup to king of the deck now! We knew he was the one for us when we first laid eyes on him. Rescue dogs are the best!!! They seem to really appreciate a good owner and are willing to please!

Pufy, Mani and Lola HernándezHeading

Pufy, Mani and Lola Hernández Image
Axel Image


Here is Axel, (red nose Pit-Bull) our new edition to our family of ten. He had a bad case of mange when we got him but due to the great veterinary care and all the loving he has received, he has made a full recovery. He is the sweetest puppy. I look forward to spending some awesome years with him.

Connie Fore


My Benji!!! what can I say about him!
Benji is a rescue dog from the Humane Society. We adopted Benji 2 years ago from PetSmart. A rescue volunteer found Benji on the side of the highway. He was just a bag of bones when she found him. She took care of him for about 2 weeks before we saw him. I knew he was meant for us when we walked up and all he did was lick, lick, lick, and lick. I picked him up out the kennel and he just held on tight. He was soooo skinny and scared. But he was the one. It was touch and go for me at first because we have three other dogs and wasn’t quite sure how they would like the addition. BUT they loved him as much as we did. I went ahead and gave him a bath and groomed his hair. And boy did he take off under the bed! Benji stayed there for a while and before you know it he was peeking out gradually every day that went by. He was timid to eat his food and drink his water. But you could tell he wanted to be loved.

Benji Image

Now these days- completely different dog!!!! he lays out in the middle of the floor! Not a care in the world. He loves to play and you’ll NEVER catch him without a toy in his mouth or beside him.

Every dog deserves to be loved as much as they love us. Unconditional love and total commitment to make you happy.
That’s my Benji!

Stephanie Kelly
Practice Director

Bubba Bear Image

Bubba BearHeading

Attached is a picture of my Bubba Bear. He is my 9 yr old long hair/maine coon mix. He has been a patient of Dr. Lefranc’s since 1999.

He was diagnosed on 4/18/08 with diabetes. He is an awesome fur baby! He’s very brave, strong, loving and purrs louder than any cat I’ve ever seen! He is also extremely patient with my giving him his insulin shots and taking his blood glucose count several times a day. I think he’d be a great pet of the month!!

Sherry Hahn

Pookie SuhrHeading

Pookie Suhr Image